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Odoo ERP Implementation Services

Odoo ERP Implementation ServicesOdoo ERP software is a comprehensive open source Enterprise Resource Planning software. It is an integrated suite of multiple business modules like Customer Relationship Management, e-commerce, accounting, billing, inventory management, warehouse management, financial management and many others.

Why choose Odoo ERP implementation for your website?

The key features of Odoo ERP CRM are:

Functional Integrations

Odoo is a Customer Management System that helps streamline your business operations with standardized solutions. It is a suite that integrates various business systems like inventory management, accounting, supply chain management, etc.

Inherent Customization Options

Odoo helps redefine and streamline the workflows of a small business. It scales up with the business growth. It is a tailored ERP Solution.

Inbuilt eCommerce Capability

Odoo integration allows your website to create your online store. With Odoo all your sales information will be integrated with sales modules, revenue will be tracked in the accounting module and customer details can be managed easily with the Odoo CRM app.

In-Built Marketing Capabilities

With Odoo you can conduct surveys and use survey data in your customer interaction, do email marketing natively and provide customer care online through in-built live chat functionality. You can also create events, update event details on the website and promote your event through integrated emailing capabilities.

Why SNS System Private Limited for your Odoo implementation

 SNS System is a certified Odoo Partner and

SNS System team is working with multiple clients to migrate Odoo12 to Odoo13. The open source model of Odoo has allowed us to leverage thousands of developers and business experts to build hundreds of apps in just a few years. With strong technical foundations

 Our Implementation

We used his CRM module and customized that for Multilevel Marketing System and used his Website/e-commerce for purchasing the product and managing the users. We provided the all plan setup for that like Binary Plan and Unilevel plan etc. Please visit our website Odoo Implementation Services

We recently completed a project “”, It is an agent commission calculation implementation with Multilevel tree representation.

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