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It is increasingly important to ensure the quality of a web application, the implementation of automation testing services becomes essential. We will try to establish an introduction to these practices by showing some examples.


An automation testing service makes it possible to test a functionality (the connection of a user for example). It does not test the rendering as such even if these notions can intersect. These functionalities are tested via routes by simulating user actions (clicks, keyboard input, mouse movement, etc.).

Automation tests are carried out throughout the life of the project, starting from the development of the first functionality.


Automation testing services are done to ensure that the service that we want to make available to the user will work when the user uses it.

Manual tests are time consuming, laborious and repetitive. Automation testing saves time for testers who delegate the execution of the main tests.


Aside from static projects, the need for automation testing service increases exponentially with the complexity of the project. Automated tests do not waste time, on the contrary they save, because once written, the tests can be replayed at will without taking additional time to the testers, it depends on the solution implemented. The role of the tester, in addition to writing the tests, then becomes more to understand where the bug / regression encountered comes from and to transcribe them to the developers, rather than looking for them. The tester must therefore have a better understanding of the functional and technical aspects of the application in order to accomplish his mission.

If you have a project without testing, the first step is to determine the most critical customer journeys of the project.

From these routes, it is necessary to determine which functions are impacted. Two complementary approaches can then take place:

  • Test the routes from start to finish. This will allow you to check the nominal user journey without going outside a defined framework.
  • Test functionality in isolation. The different cases of the functionalities are then tested but the possible impacts on other functionalities (ex: adding to the basket of a product and checkout) are not tested here.

The “route” approach makes it possible to go faster and make the link between the different functionalities. However, it has a less detailed level of detail.

How We Do Automation Testing Service?

When you inquire about automation testing services, the word that comes up most often is Katalon. The problem is that this word means a lot. It is both a test recorder / ‘player’ on Firefox, a test server, a browser driver, a test server driver, etc. It becomes difficult to navigate.

Before diving into some more specific functional testing methods, here are the different families and elements to understand:

  • The test recorder: It allows you to record the actions made in the application. It allows you to create test scenarios quickly, but generally requires to be completed to have satisfactory coverage.
  • The test players allow you to play the tests. There are two main types of ‘player’,
  • The premises, they run on the user’s machine and block (at least partially) the user (Katalon).
  • The servers, they run on a machine linked or not to the project. They are more efficient, do not block the user and can be integrated into a development workflow (Ex: Katalon, IBM). Actions are the different commands that will be played in a test. It ranges from click, variable management, attribute checking.
  • Frameworks are test writing tools. They exist in many languages. They have different approaches, ranging from the very technical to the more literary (Ex: Nightwatch (JS), Behat (PHP), CodeCeption (PHP), jBehave (java), Specflow (c #))
  • The drivers are the connectors between the test player and browsers. On local players, they are generally integrated, but as part of Katalon web driver (the most efficient test server) they are to be installed independently.

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